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6 tips to get back to work strong MOVE Protein

6 tips to get back to work strong

It's decided: this year the stress and fatigue of the return to work won’t get the best of me. To prolong ...
women cyclists riding with Lululemon team

A Lululemon ride

 A Lululemon ride with the Kinetic team proposed by Fineau Less than a year ago, 7 young professionals dec...
eliott cardin ultra trail runner portrait

Elliot Cardin, An Inspiring Vegan Trail Runner

We are very proud to introduce our very first ambassador Elliot Cardin! An inspiring athlete who runs ...
Bromont Ultra: a custom race for MOVE

Bromont Ultra: a custom race for MOVE

Our mission during the event: to feed the athletes throughout their race with our vegan protein brownies w...
5 tips for optimum recovery

5 tips for optimum recovery

Nicolas Biniek is a former professional hockey player and the founder of Biner training, semi-private trai...
ingredients, peas and hemp plant based protein, sacha inchi, brown rice

Plant-Based Protein Ingredients and benefits

All you need to know about the 4 ingredients that fuel your smoothies All protein is initially made by pla...

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