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Elliot Cardin, An Inspiring Vegan Trail Runner

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We are very proud to introduce our very first ambassador Elliot Cardin! An inspiring athlete who runs and lives at the rhythm of various splendid trails.

We challenge you to read what Elliot Cardin shares and challenges you not wanting to do the same!


What fascinates you about Trail Running?

Exploring nature and mountains. These environments always offer new challenges and are rich in splendid landscapes. Each trail trip is an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of these wild expanses! Personally, I think it is the best way to escape from society in order to find calm.


What motivates you to run and why?

Basically, it's the passion for trail running that motivates me to run. I like to go out and play, no matter what the weather is like. It is these variants of temperature that create strong moments. The desire to perform keeps me motivated as well. I have great ambitions and it pushes me to run with dedication and constancy!



What are your goals? What are you doing to achieve them?

I would like to become good enough to compete with the great ones of this sport at prestigious races such as UTMB, Trans Grand Canaria and others. I know it is ambitious to aspire to this level and this is why I train hard on a daily basis. I also hope to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through my sporting achievements and my future career as a Naturopath.


Do you have a workout, recovery and/ or preparing routing for competitions?

As for the training routine, I simply decrease my training sessions a week or two before the race and I do a short session with sustained intensity. 

When possible, I like to arrive an hour before the races. It gives me time to do a good warm-up without stress. 

Depending on the type of race in which I participate, I change my diet two days before for meals richer in carbohydrates or lipids. This diet change allows me to make the maximum energy reserve for the race. 

After the effort, I increase my protein and carbohydrate in order to optimize my recovery. 

In short, I focus more on food for recovery and on preparation for the races. In my opinion, it is a very influential element on my performances.




Do you have events in sight?

Yes, even though I generally decide at the last minute. For the 2017 season, I intend to take off at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Bear Mountain, New York. It is an 80 km mountain race where the calibre is reputed to be strong. This race takes place in early May and it will be the first time I will face this distance. After that, I will be participating for the second time at the Xtrail Sutton, the Ultra Trail at Mont Albert and the Bromont Ultra - all trail races I particularly enjoyed during the past season. As for the rest, I will decide on a day-to-day basis. Meanwhile, I intend to take part in some road races with my partner Alister Gardner.


Tell us about your diet!

I’m very interested in nutrition also. For this reason, I am currently studying naturopathy in Montreal. I have been a vegan for over five years now. It is primarily for the sake of the environment and health that I have changed my carnivorous diet for a plant-based one. There are many culinary delights in the vegan diet as well as having many health benefits. I recover faster, I sleep better and I have more energy than ever - which is useful when you are running ultra marathons. In general, I consume unprocessed foods in order to conserve as many nutrients and vitamins as possible.


And what about your workouts?

I do most of my mountain training in Bromont. Not only it is an ideal playground, there are also plenty of beautiful trails and it's only twenty minutes away from home. In general, I do two sessions of intervals a week in order to improve my speed. I do not follow a training plan at the moment. I think that the primary goal is to have fun!


What was your best trail experience so far? Why?

My best trail experience was in the Gaspé Peninsula in the Chic Chocs. My girlfriend and I took a ten-hour drive to  Mount Albert so that I could participate in the Festival of Skyrunning. Despite the short trip (two days), it was a great weekend - 100% outdoor! We camped, we went hiking and we crossed full of mooses. In addition, I managed to get the seventh position of the Skyrace. Those are the kind of experiences and aspects that I really enjoy about trail-running.


What are you most proud of (sporting achievement, trail and/or other)?

The sporting accomplishment of which I am most proud is my 55 km victory at the Bromont Ultra 2016. It was my very first ultramarathon and I did not know what to expect. The BU is far from being an easy one; there are over 2200 meters of uneven and very technical passages. 

I was still running in the last climbs, I could not hope for better for a first ultramarathon! 

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