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A Lululemon ride

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 A Lululemon ride with the Kinetic team proposed by Fineau

Less than a year ago, 7 young professionals decided to innovate and create a competitive bike team exclusively for women Their ultimate goal? Create a positive movement around the sport, and encourage women to move. We followed them on a bike ride with Lululemon!

Pleasure is undoubtedly one of the values at the heart of the women's cycling team Kinactif powered by Fineau.  But these bike enthusiasts, armed with their jersey signed Peppermint (a new Quebec company of women's clothing), were keen to give themselves a Additional challenge.

"We did not just want to ride for fun, we wanted to do the circuit. Even though there are few girls in the circuit at the moment, they are so strong that women say that it is unattainable." admits Émilie Mercier, one of the team members.



They decided to set a good example and show everyone that it was possible to compete as a women's team. 

"The competitive bike is being democratized." says the cyclist. "We wanted to make our way into the bike world, which is very masculine. Promoting women in sport is also a goal. Men have a wide choice when it comes to choosing teams, while for girls, it is more difficult."

Lululemon: a ride for all

Do they disturb the circuit? Maybe a little, but the most of the time, they receive only positive feedback.

"We are told that it is the fun to have something different this year, new faces. We are devoted to sport, but we also bring the notion of fun! "she said.

It is also in this spirit that they decided to make "Lululemon ride". Whether you're riding fast or not, whether you're young or not, every Thursday, they leave the Lululemon store on Ste-Catherine, and drive with those who come.

"We're a team, but we do not want to go in performance for these rides. We share this community value, we give advice to new people. If it can make them want to ride a bike and start the race, we're happy, "she says.

Cycling, the new Golf

There is a lot of enthusiasm for cycling among young professionals. It's another way of going beyond it, but it's also a great way to do business, PR. Cycling is the new golf!

"There are members who are in law, in finance, who are entrepreneurs. They participate in cycling networking activities. It's a good way to do business. We make professional contacts, we talk, we know each other through the bike and through the work too. 

 It is also a way of encouraging entrepreneurship. All the sponsors of the team are local businesses, and they look forward to continuing to promote local businesses. 

If you want to follow the course of the team, do not hesitate to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


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